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"I am the Adoption Coordinator with the Bichon Rescue of Orange County and have been working with Stacy Massey (who handles our social media, event planning and fund raisers) for about a year. She is a joy to work with and inspires me with her expertise, talent and knowledge in her field. I throw out a subject and she is on it. She has a flyer or post created before I can even think of what should be projected. She has tripled our donations since she has been on board. I would highly recommend her for any company that is in need of website work, social media, event planning and fund raising. Stacy is the BEST at what she does!" 

~ Lori Jo Gresowski, Adoption Coordinator, Bichon Rescue of OC 

"Stacy's attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend Stacy for any website work, social media and large event planning.  Stacy's "can do" attitude is essential when working on projects making sure that all requirements are met!"
~ Chuck Clay, Staff Commodore, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

"Stacy's motto is 'Can Do'! The old and new working together can create and achieve the goals of the organization!"

~ June Dugmore, President, Sand Dollars of Huntington Beach 2017-2019

"Thoughtful, thorough, and precise. The most complete event coordinator I have ever worked with!"  
Michael Grant, Michael Grant Construction, 2017 Planning Commissioner, Huntington Beach, CA.


“Stacy has the ability to love and help people with a balance of both truth and grace. Stacy is focused, hard working, respected and gifted. She has demonstrated a high level of commitment to those she serves.” 

~ Chris Lagerlof, Slingshot Group, Irvine, CA

“Stacy is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She is a valuable asset for any organization.”
~ Janis McBride, Friend of 45+ years

“I believe Stacy to be one of the most hard-working and intelligent women that I have ever had the privilege to work with.” 

~ Kathi Frye, Program Administrator, Teen Awareness, Inc.

“We rely upon Stacy’s wisdom and compassion in helping to guide us with such important issues as the training and selection process for potential group leaders. We value her input and appreciate the time that she devotes to helping us be the best we can be.” 

~ Mary Ann Webb, Past Assistant to Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church .   

"Stacy is extremely capable, organized, efficient and she doesn’t miss a detail. She is a hard worker, very creative - and unafraid to tackle the hardest task, in the most difficult situation! She is also very faithful to the work she is committed to."
~Janet Trenda, Previous Co-worker, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"It's only been one week... but I MISS all of these wonderful people so much! So many years, so many memories and I love each and everyone of you. Thank YOU again for the great reunion! All reunions should feel and be this good!! Thank you Stacy Massey!!      
~ Jill Ursich, Oceanside, CA

"Stacy is one of the most dedicated, hard working people I've ever met. Her outstanding efforts in support of my needs included event planning, social media, web development and marketing strategy. I offer my strongest endorsement of her capabilities."       
~ Patrick Brenden, 2017 Huntington Beach City Council, Huntington Beach, CA

"Surf City did an excellent job of putting together my website. With very limited technical skills, I have struggled with trying to increase my visibility as an author. My publisher developed a website for my books shortly after I published, but it was poorly done and proved to be totally ineffective. My website, done my Surf City Consulting, is a HUGE improvement! Their logo 'We'll Make It Happen" could not be more on target!     ~ Doug Oudin, Author, Grants Pass, Oregon

"Fantastic location, well organized, reasonably priced. Would attend the same event again tomorrow!!!  Thanks to Stacy for doing such a wonderful job!"     
~ Andy Loos, Bellevue, WA

"The preparation involved with this reunion was quite extensive and it showed with the name tags already installed in lanyards, the prizes for the raffle & auction drawings, the food and drinks and not to forget but those two fabulous guys playing music. THEY WERE FANTASTIC!     
~ J. Flailz, San Diego, CA

"Stacy did another great job putting this reunion together. Thank you for all. Your hard work and time you put into this event. Thanks to your support staff too for their time and effort in all the details such as the slide show, raffle and table settings to mention a few."    
~ Robert Murcott, Plantation, FL

Excellent! It was wonderful to see old friends and be able to reconnect. Also great to meet a few old-timers that were there before we were, but we have heard about through the years. Food was good, overall, setting was superb, with a clear view of the Island! Enjoyed it immensely!     
~ Doug Oudin, Grants Pass, OR

"Great job on the event, and I look forward to many more."    
~Steven LaMotte, Chapter Executive Officer at Building Industry Association of Orange County, CA.

"It was everything that I had hoped it would be. I did gain much knowledge, information and resources that I have been able to share with others."     
~ Katherine Veazie, La Mirada, CA

"Amazingly superb! Not a wasted minute in 3 days."     
~ Debra Ellett, CA

"Great conference. I am now more aware of the different ways each ministry reaches the hurting. There were so many innovative ideas that I hadn't even thought of doing."    
  ~ Jennifer Disney, Norco, CA

"I was blessed to interact with other leaders to learn, grow, and encourage each other. The setting was gorgeous, the program informative and encouraging, the networking and relationships built will last a lifetime."
~ Carol Cygan, CA

"Thanks! A wonderful and professional job of organizing and moderating."     
~ Catherine Coyle, RN, Ph.D., WI

"Size of the room = good. Acoustics = good. Speakers = excellent. Sense of humor = wonderful. Information = outstanding. Warmth of people = such a blessing! Thank you so much for your fun sense of humor and wonderful gift of love and joy extended to all of us."  
~ Ginny Keblusek, TX

"The diversity of the speaking panel was excellent. The quality of the presentations was greatly beneficial to anyone working in recovery. Many of the scientific aspects of trauma were very fascinating and helpful in presenting when working in recovery".
~ Eric Disney, Pastor, New Beginnings Community Church, Norco, California

"Loved the "playing in the sandbox" and marketing presentations. It's totally amazing how humble the staff (Stacy) are - willing to share resources - goal is truly helping people heal - ego is taken out. How refreshing and encouraging. Thank you!"   
~ Jo Balsamo, Texas

"Special thanks for setting the awesome spiritual tone and atmosphere. The Symposium was helpful, challenging and informative"       
~ Mirian Mitten, Pennsylvania

"This was fantastic!!  Want more than one day."     
~ Janet Pilkerton, Maryland

"I learned so much and came away with so many great ideas. I could hardly wait to get back to my leaders and share all that I have gleaned."     
~ Pam Malchow, California

"Great brainstorming!"     
~ Debbie Henagan, Louisiana

"Excellent! Mutual encouragement and education."     
~ Lynn Coles, Northern Ireland

"Great vehicle for keeping ministries up to date."     
~ Dane Wren, Florida

"Excellent opportunity for discussion and networking."     
~ Margaret Cuthill, United Kingdom

"Loved it. Very helpful and informative."     
~ Marisa Maese, California

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Michael Grant, HB Planning Commissioner
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